Plasma therapy - Plasmoluting - PRP

PRP - plasma therapy Regen ACR (Regenlad) (Switzerland) - stem cell stimulation for the first time in Plovdiv with licensed European plasma technology, rich in platelets: in one session, simultaneous filter, two-level mesotherapy and rejuvenation with own serum free of allergies, tissue regeneration - non-healing wounds, and therapy of alopecia (hair loss) with stimulated stem cells.


Platelet enriched autologous platelets rich plasma, A - PRP is a human placenta concentrate in a small amount of plasma. Thrombocytes called other blood platelets are part of human whole blood and produce growth factors (RDGF, TGF - B, IGF, EGF, VEGF) in which they stimulate the growth and development of cells such as fibroblasts, asteoblasts with unifying cells with vital functions to maintain the collagen structure of the skin and a number of organs to form bones, blood vessels and other elements In addition to fibrin and fibronectin, which act as adhesion molecules for bone formation, but also as a matrix for connective tissue, the use of plasma therapy has been introduced in many medical specialties for the treatment of orthopedic, traumatic, neurosurgical, dental, ocular and surgical diseases as well as in cosmetic and aesthetic dermatology.

Plasma therapy in aesthetic dermatology and medicine

A safe and aesthetic method for a visible improvement in texture and skin appearance, wrinkles reduction, fine lines and grooves, bleaching the dark circles around the eyes. Innovative solution for hair loss (Andridic alopecia and other types of hair loss) Acne scars and stretch marks Ideal addition to laser and chemical peeling. Plasma therapy is based on a technique that is both simple and safe using regenerative (regenerative and healing properties of platelets). They have the ability to produce ras weight factors - molecules acting as stimulants of skin regeneration. And since plasma is derived from the individual's own blood, it is a completely natural product and there is no risk of intolerance and allergy to this therapy.


Fine wrinkles and altered overall skin look are the result of the natural aging process due to an imbalance between the degree of breakage and cell renewal and collagen


Plasma therapy restores surrounding tissues by increasing the blood supply and growth of the hair follicle cells. As a result, healthy hair is obtained with a better look. In this way, a natural "autologous" process is provoked by the use of the body's own mechanisms and lack of side effects.

Two main types of alopecia are known. The most common cause of hair loss is hormonal imbalance with poor feeding of hairs or diseases. The surgery in such cases is challenging and previous therapies have shown poor efficacy or have caused old-fashioned side effects. Androgenic alopecia grades are presented schematically Norwood scale. Alopecia areata - is a relatively rare autoimmune disease with the appearance of separate hair removal. In both types of alopecia, plasma therapy appears to be an effect namely:

- in androgenic alopecia - men and women in reduced and intermediate stages (Norwood's I to V) (from stages VI to VII, pallotherapy is used to support the survival of transplanted hair follicles)

- in case of alopecia - both sexes have excellent results in most cases, increasing the blood supply and growth of the hair follicle cells.
Plasma therapy is activated by autologous thrombin serum plasma on surgical wounds, helps to reduce healing time and reduces the risk of hypertrophic scarring and infection. Plasma therapy is also used in the treatment of burns and areas where skin is taken for transplantation . Currently, studies have been conducted on the effectiveness of plasma therapy for chronic diabetic foot ulcers (DR Sylvaine CLAVEL, Fondation Hotel-Diem, Le Creusot France). The specificity of the Regen LAB Plasma Therapy System

The Regen LAB technology has a high platelet concentration, with a small amount of venous blood preparing the right amount of plasma for plasma therapy - just 9ml of blood is enough to work with Regen KIT BCT. The system is simple in itself - three steps are necessary for the preparation of 4-5 ml of A-PRP

Optimal retention of the platelets Regen KIT BCT retains about 80% of the total blood platelets that concentrate in their own plasma. Precision plasma elimination: REGEN KIT BCT uses(the red blood cells) and other cells left in sedimentary matter at the bottom of the tube. The process is safe and biologically compatible. Maximum plasma purification and minimal presence of erythrocytes
Regen Lab SA is a manufacturer of pharmaceutical and medical products authorized by the Swiss Agency for the Authorization and Supervision of Therapeutic Products (Swissmedic). Regen Lab is a recognized supplier of patented technology for the production of A-PRP and other cellular concentrates. blood, fat or bone marrow of the patient and use of concentrated cells to treat various diseases (wounds, injuries, etc.) and aesthetic defects. Regen LAB is an independent biotechnology company based in Lozen 2003. and exporting its manufactured products to world-class IIb or Class III medical devices for human use in accordance with EC93 / 42, ISO9001-2007, ISO 13485-2003, ISO 14971, ISO 11600 / (Class I medical devices for in vitro Diagnosis (IVD) are strictly forbidden for use in humans).